(A gratuitous picture of the cat (Felix) as there is no progress photo to share yet.)

So anyway I finished part 8 of Japanese Octagon Box today. I just need to add the beads – Huzzah and Hallelujah! I consider myself caught up now. I have till the end of this month to do the stitching on part 9 (scissor sheath). I’ll take a picture tomorrow once the beads are attached.

I’ve set myself a big agenda tomorrow – beading J.O.B, finishing Reeds Stocking for Niall and picking up the long neglected Winter Aceo. Max is having his haircut he needs to be at the vets by 9am.

My cousin turns up on Thursday night so I am trying to get my stitching all tidied up before she arrives and stays in the spare room. I’m going to stitch my Stitching Bloggers Exchange Board Christmas Ornie this weekend once I find a design my poor unsuspecting victim has not stitched – the detective work continues!