If you read yesterday’s just before bedtime post, you will know that I had three goals I wished to achieve today. I wanted to bead Japanese Octagon Box, finish Niall’s Stocking and stitch a bit on Winter ACEO. I managed to do two of those three and here are the results.

I managed to get the beading done for J.O.B. I finished this in time for lunch. Beading is pretty time consuming and there are some errors in my placement in the medallions (there are 4 with 2 gold beads in the wrong place) but when I woke up to the errors I was up to the last medallion and I thought: too bad I really don’t want to do this again!

Then after lunch, I started to tackle the finishing on Reed’s Stocking for Niall. I have a kind of love/hate relationship with our sewing machine and have whilst I did home economics at school I don’t really feel like I know how to sew. I’m afraid it became a bit of a saga.

I was doing fine, I got up to the part where you sew the lining in (I had two sets of stocking instructions to hand – the Shepherds Bush instructions which can be downloaded from their site and Summer Louise Trusswell’s Ultimate big book of finishing etc. ) I started off with the SB instructions but as I was planning to make cording rather than make fabric covered cording, I switched to SLT’s instructions. But I got tremendously stuck when in came to stitching the lining to the stocking – I tried to figure it out for 3 hours – by which time Joel came home, so I busied myself trying to be pleasant with him and not being sulky about not being able to understand simple English. After dinner I thought maybe I’ll try again with SLT’s instructions – but again it was a case of tears and sulking. At this point Joel offered to make me a G&T a sure sign that he was getting distressed for me too. Finally I switched back to the SB instructions and suddenly – the stocking was together as it should be (half an hour before bedtime no less!! ) I am going to make some matching cording and a tasselled hanger for the stocking which should soften the “squared” edges a bit.
With all that drama I haven’t managed to stitch on Winter ACEO.
Oh, and Max looks fantastic after his haircut.