Well the last day of my holidays has been pretty low key. Joel made pizza’s for lunch and we will probably have leftover turkey roast (from last night) for tea.

I’ve finished the stitching on a Christmas ornament for the ornie exchange on the SBEBB, I just need to do the finishing now – which shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. I’m pretty pleased with it – it was a fun stitch.

My cousin has been staying with us for the last few days – she is a lovely girl and has been a very considerate guest. She is off to Auckland next week for a couple of weeks, a pit stop in Sydney then back home to the UK. She is looking forward to seeing her family again she has been living in Sydney and Melbourne for the last year.

Since my last post I’ve been shopping for summer clothes and have had some success. I’ve bought 3 skirts (see the picture), 6 black tanktops/singlet things that will work very well with the skirts and two pairs of sandals. I actually don’t like shopping for clothes very much, so I tend to do it in quick large bursts. These are the first summer clothes I have bought in 4 years!! I have been worried about the airconditioning at my work – it has been freezing there in winter so I am willing to bet it is hopeless during the summer too – hence all the sleeveless tops. I have a lightweight mesh jacket/cardigan in black that I can put on if it I do get cold.

I’m not looking forward to returning to work (I don’t think anyone ever does). Three weeks of boring work emails to catch up on!! It won’t be soo bad, I’ve got a three day weekend next weekend to look forward to.

Edited to add – have you seen this finish of Mirabilia’s South Sea Mermaid? She’s gorgeous!!!