Would you believe I’ve not stitched since Sunday! I’m a bit shocked.
Not too much going on here. I’m back at work and as usual it isn’t as bad as expected. It’s been tiring though, I’ve not felt like picking up any of my projects.

Yesterday I indulged myself a little and went out to my LNS, Stitcher’s Corner. I picked up some Gumnut Yarns Silks (4 skeins) some Dinky Dyes Silks (2 skeins) some perle cotton for twisted cording (Niall’s Stocking) and some white belfast.

I’ve signed up for the My Treasure’s Workstation Class with Judy O’dell, you all probably know how much I enjoy her finishing techniques. At the moment I am fiddling with my stash to see what I can come up with for a colour scheme. It is very tempting to use the leftover silk threads from Grape Threadkeeper. I could also use my newly aquired Dinky Dyes or the Gumnuts or of course some of my Vikki Clayton FOTM threads. I’ll dither over this for a few more days I think.

This weekend I plan to do the finishing on my Christmas Ornment Exchange piece (and maybe some of the other ornaments I have sitting around here unfinished).

And so to book news, I’ve been reading Not Buying it: my year without shopping by Judith Levine. It has made me think about my spending habits. This book caught my eye when I was cataloguing recently. I’m enjoying it so far but I am less than halfway in.