I went to a meeting at the State Library today to discuss different activities libraries might like to offer as part of the Perth International Arts FestivalOne Book ” promotion. The book we are encouraging the whole state of Western Australia to read is The Book Thief by Marcus Zuzak (which to my shame, I’ve not yet read, of course all our copies are on loan). There is a plot summery on the One book website.
One of the cool things with this book that I am hoping to do with the Nedland’s Library folk is to conduct tours of our local cemetery – Karrakatta cemetery. I reckon a torch-lit tour would be mint!! Another idea we had was to have a writing workshop “write your own Obituary or epitaph” – which of course can be expanded to the less morbid – writing your life or biographical writing. Of course the usual wine and cheese nights and book club evenings ideas got tossed around as well.
A lot of the time in the meeting I was thinking about the verse for the sampler Houses of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings and what a fantastic accompaniment to a display about the cemetery tours it would make. Can you believe I am considering trying to do the sampler ready for our displays in Feb? I’d definitely have to become a one at a timer to meet that goal! I’m a bit of an over ambitious stitcher to say the very least. Maybe I could do one of the tombstone angels by CHS instead (a bit less work I hope! Hmm, I like Prudence Wilcome and I am not opposed to Carolina Handley either).

For those who are unaware of the Houses of Hawk Run Hollow sampler verse, it goes:

When I am dead and in my grave,
and all my bones are rotten,
remember me when this you see list I should be forgotten.
Remember me as you pass by,
as you are now so once was I,
as I am now so must you be,
prepare for death and follow me.

We used to live near the cemetery in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK (in fact I have a baby sister buried there but that is story for another day), most summer evenings we’d used to go for a walk around to look at the more interesting graves or pick up acorns and chestnuts. I remember it as a wonderful time, we were so happy together then. (cue morbid thoughts and G&Ts)