Well I fell of the wagon somewhat this weekend. I ordered Sarah Hook, Prudence Wilcome and Sarah Handley from Wyndham Needleworks (these are all designed by Carriage House Samplings).
While I am waiting for them to arrive I decided to start a cut down version of Houses of Hawk Run Hollow – another 3am brainwave! The plan is to do 6 of the 12 blocks (the ones with all the words in). I’ve mentally charted them in an arrangement of 2 blocks wide and 3 blocks down. I thought I’d make a start as who knows when the charts will reach me in Australia. This is stitched on Days gone by Edinburgh from Silkweavers with a mix of DMC and Vikki Clayton silk (didn’t have all the DMC). I don’t think I’ll finish this by February but it will be fun to have started it. I still have plans to do the Village and full version of Houses of Hawk run hollow some day.
There is not too much progress there because we had to go to my mother’s cousin’s 40th Wedding Anniversary Party on Sunday (a good old catch up with the rellies).

But that’s not all I ordered – L is for librarian is also on it’s way (along with a few others from Stitching Bits and Bobs).

Oh and don’t fret – I am aware that I will have to chop two stitches off the width of the block with the cow in it – I think it will come off the right hand side (in this photo) no problems.

Barbara was it you who outbid me for Ash’s Marriage of minds? Girl, we are both supposed to be on the challenge! I don’t think I was cut out for abstinence.