Here is Sapphire Star by Patricia Ann Designs (JCS ornies 2004) all gussied up and finished!! Please click to enlarge this photo it is actually pretty nice.
This weekend I bit the bullet and figured out how to do a ruched ribbon edge. I’ve now done two of these ribbon finishes (In the second pic you can see my mystery finish and first attempt at ribbon ruching – doesn’t it look grand!) and feel like I have mastered it. On the ornament you can see here I added beads as I stitched the gather thread to the ribbon and then as I drew the gathers together the beads helped in a small way to make it a bit more even (and of course very pretty!) I love the look of ruched ribbon, but gawd it is boring to stitch the gathers into the ribbon (which is why I have resisted it for so long). As it turns out it is a great thing to do when you feel to hot and bothered to stitch from a chart (like I did this weekend).

I did the stitching on this ornament (Sapphire Star) sometime last year but I only got around to finishing it this weekend because I wanted to practice the ribbon ruching again! I had a Vikki Clayton Silk Ribbon assortment in Christmassy colours in my stash and have used it in both my ribbon ruching finishes. I see a few more of these assortments appearing in my stash in the future.

Our internet connection was disrupted for most of the weekend so I am now starting to catch up with my blog reading and other distractions. I was shocked at how much I missed it (and I know Joel suffered too).