Chatelaine Bingo is underway! The major prize (well, to me anyway) is membership to the 2008 mystery, which is included in the first and second prizes. Martina has announced the theme for the 2008 mystery –

The topic for this BIG Mystery is a “Celtic Garden” – think of a maze perhaps – a forest, trees and plants, ferns.Celtic Symbols hidden in the green.The Moon…the Stars-gold and silver Metallics – silks in all greens the nature provides,beads, crystals and a certain mystic touch.

On the first day none of my words came up… sigh.

Still, I’m very excited about the Celtic Garden. My Dad is Irish and Joel’s Family has Scottish and Irish roots. With this to look forward to I think I may be able to resist some of the more tempting sounding upcoming Chatelaine Projects (Christmas IV, Sampler Mystery III, Mystery X, St Petersburg, Victorian Rose Quilt – hang on, I’ve just about named all the upcoming projects).

A little gossip, I was chatting with Judy O’dell (when I was joining the My Treasures Workstation Group) and she said that there would be a “Designing Ladies” project in 2007 and Martina is one of the ladies involved. This is why I cannot categorically say no new Chatelaine Designs purchases in 2007, besides I really like the materials for Sampler Mystery III and Mystery X maybe I’ll just join the groups for the charts and keep the stitching for sometime in the future (that’s not too bad, she rationalised). This year has been a great one for the Judy/Martina collaboration – Grape Threadkeeper is just beautiful and I am really enjoying Japanese Octagon Box not to mention The Stitching Leporello – which I am yet to join, but love all the same.

Also in thrilling future stash enhancement news – Teresa Wenzler’s fantasy Collection II is due out mid December – hurrah!!

Oh, and a pic of Felix, I heard a “thump” in the kitchen and saw that he was about to do his annual kitchen check up. Here are the rest of the photos.

STOP PRESS!! Next month’s issue of Gift of Stitching will include a mystery sampler by Long Dog (swoon) AND an interview with Dianne from Little House Needleworks and Nicki from Country Cottage Needleworks with a collaborative design from those two talented ladies! This months issue is no slouch either – I like some of the ornaments featured and you can win some tokens and trifles too! All bets are off about next years stitching!