I had afternoon tea with my dear friends Donna, Sue and Ali this afternoon. We had a very pleasant time sipping hot chocolate, milkshakes and eating potato wedges. At one point during the afternoon, I asked Ali if she had started Chatelaine’s Alhambra Garden (cause I know she has the kit) but she said she likes to have only one project on the go at one time… not like some others we know (ie me!!) – we then joked around that I was a bit of a trollop – sharing my stitching affections with any chart, floss or fabric that will have me – we used a lot of euphemisms for lady of the night an had a good giggle. Oh girls I knew I forgot one – I should have said I was a Floss Floozy! I like the sound of “stitching trollop” though and should I want to rename my admittedly bizarrely named blog I have a couple of “ripe” suggestions.

Anyway here is a quick update of my progress on Japanese Octagon Box – I’m so close to finishing part nine I can taste it. Maybe tonight’s the night!