After my walk with Max this morning, I returned home and started my breakfast and five minutes later the parcel van turned up (we now have a nodding relationship, the poor guy stops by our place at least once a week these days) and today’s parcel was from Su (susimac) and it contained the Christmas Ornament Exchange piece Su had stitched for me. Many thanks Su, I absolutely love it!
Su stitched a design by Jean Farrish Needleworks from the 1998 issue of Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments (it may still be a freebie on Jean Farrish’s website, it was earlier this year). It’s gorgeous!! It has been on my list of ornies to do for ever but I have never got around to it. Su did a wonderful job on it, it is just lovely. In her card Su said she has done this ornie 3 times!!
But that is not all Su sent. She sent an adorable angel heart ornament, a wonderful chart by Bent Creek (and would you believe I have all the materials to make a start on it? Amazing) and some cute little snowflake buttons in addition to her card. Many Thanks Su, it was a wonderful package to receive and as you can all see it is already on my tree.
I have also had word that Katrina received her package from me, an update tomorrow will show the ornie I stitched for this exchange.
Feels a lot like Christmas around here now.