Part 10 completed!
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I managed to get going on this piece yesterday after a couple of nights of not stitching in the evening. With this finish, I’m caught up now – really caught up, no more stitching to do till January – It’s a strange sensation. I guess it’s time to pick up one of my other pieces that have been pushed aside of late.

I went out for lunch and dinner yesterday – lunch was with my good friends Donna, Sue and Ali at the Old Cottage Cafe in West Swan – it was very nice (food was great and the price was very reasonable). We exchanged gifts – I had bought them all Notepads – an embossed tin one for their bags and a little one for the fridge – I’ve received a couple of these in exchanges and I we have definitely made use of them! The gifts I received were just beautiful, Donna made a mini wall hanging with Christmas cat fabric (no photo yet but I will get one – so cute). Donna always makes such a lovely gift, she is a doyenne with the sewing machine! Sue gave a cute little tin with a hinged lid (love tins for putting little pieces in) it had a cute photo of a dog on it, a matching notepad and a nice chunk of Lush soap – smells divine. Ali gave some lovely moisturiser and some sweet purse shaped sachets for the boudoir. Thanks for the gifts girls, they were wonderful. I really enjoyed catching up with you.

Dinner was a work dinner and it was pleasant seeing the staff in all their finery – we ate at the Blue Mussel in Subiaco. I am afraid it wasn’t a good meal, every course had been overcooked and was very dry. I wonder if it was because we we such a big group (there was 22 of us). I bid the group farewell at 10.30pm – way past my bedtime!