We had a quiet Christmas this year, Joel and I stayed at home, rather than going down to Mt Barker (which has been our habit). Joel did our turkey, he made a brown rice, cashew and apricot stuffing that was delicious and served it with cheese potato bake and some veggies.
Pressie wise, I didn’t receive any cross stitch stash! I think Joel wants to see some progress on Egyptian Garden before he’ll buy me anymore charts or fabric (however, he has said he may get me a system 4 stand for my birthday in March, if I am good). Joel gave me 4 Poirot DVDs (5 little pigs, After the funeral, Sad Cyprus and The Hollow), Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man’s Chest. He also gave me a gift box of Estee Lauder’s Pleasures (my usual fragrance) which had a purse spray, large bottle of scent and some translucent powder. My sister gave me a shimmering body mousse and I got a salad dressing kit from Lucy’s mother in law (a hint?)
I got two rather nice surprises in yesterdays mail, which are featured in the first photo today, Jenna had sent me a pair of her scissors from the great scissor giveaway on her blog (these ones she painted herself so are extra special to me). Thank you, Jenna!
I also received a hand-made Christmas card from Cindy which is very cute and had three skeins of DMC within! Thank you so much, Cindy. It is now on display with the rest of our cards.

The big plus of a quiet Christmas at home is that I have had lots of fantastic stitching time! Here are some progress pics from my the projects currently holding my attention. First up, Sampler mystery II, I have only 8 flowers to complete and I will have finished the outer border flowers, I may try and do some intensive stitching on these this afternoon.
Here is a closer in shot of one of the completed corners (except for the little flower that goes in the corner space there).
I have been using L is for Librarian to break the monotony of working on all those flowers and here is a pic of where I am up to. It is coming along swimmingly. I’m really pleased that the french knots in the vine (laburnum) over the librarian turned out so well. The little bird is a lark. The next section has ribbon work in it (eeek!!) I will have to face that soon, but for now, back to Sampler Mystery II!