This is a long post reviewing my goals and achievements for 2006, please keep in mind I intended to take my long service leave when I set my goals, so I think I may have achieved more if I had taken my holidays (ha ha ha!! ROTFL). When all’s said and done, I didn’t do too badly, I just didn’t do any of the things I set out to do!

My 2006 finishes

  1. Heartfelt Flower – Shepherds Bush
  2. Valentine’s Exchange
  3. Butterfly pinkeep for Melissa’s Birthday – Just Nan ornament from JCS 2000
  4. Hallie’s Heart – Sampler Cove
  5. Circle of Hope – Brightneedle
  6. Luck – Lizzie Kate
  7. No frogs allowed Fob – Stitchy Kitty
  8. March Wool Whimsy – Heart in Hand
  9. June Quaker – The Workbasket (Finished as a biscornu for an exchange)
  10. Shepherd’s Needleroll – Shepherd’s Bush
  11. Herb Garden – Little House Needleworks (Finished as a flatfold for an exchange)
  12. Celebrate the 4th – Glory Bee – given to Niall as a birthday gift
  13. French bird freebie finished as a recipe book cover (recipe exchange)
  14. Magazine design of a chicken finished as an oven glove (recipe exchange)
  15. Cat portrait – A Brittercup designs freebie
  16. A beaded slipper (Jill Oxton Cross Stitch and Beading issue 60)
  17. Apples – Little House Needlworks (Thread pack)
  18. Rays of Hope Keychain – Milady’s Needle
  19. Quaker Motif – Ackworth Pattern Book (Pink Quaker Exchange)
  20. In Stitches – Calico crossroads (Crazy Cat Lady Exchange)
  21. Grape Threadkeeper – Chatelaine
  22. Reed’s Stocking for Niall – Shepherds Bush
  23. Sapphire Star Ornament – Patricia Ann Designs
  24. Joyous Christmas – Merry Cox (for Nicki – adopt a Stitcher Exchange)
  25. No L – Sampler House (for Katrina – Christmas Ornament Exchange)
  26. Happy day Needleroll – Shepherd’s Bush
  27. Butterfly in my Garden – Elegant Stitch.

On average a finish every two weeks! Not too bad considering I didn’t get my 5 months leave. I used Pink to highlight my Essy’s friends / Elegant Stitch Breast Cancer fundraiser projects.

My “Hilarious” 2006 Goals.
To finish:
Egyptian Garden
Enchanted Mermaid
Redwork Alphabet
Threadkeeper book Goal Achieved!!!
Sampler mystery II
Catherine’s Armchair Pinkeep
A gift for Joel

To participate in the following SALs: (this didn’t happen for me at all – I guess I just don’t work well in a team after all!)
Enchanted Mermaid (Mirabilia SAL group) – going for a finish here.
Millennium (TW BB)
Storyteller (Friends Gather BB)
Rose of Sharon (Mirabilia BB SAL Weekend, and later (Ha!) on the Mirabilia SAL group when Enchanted Mermaid is done)
Bunnies in my Garden (Stitching Smalls Yahoo Group)
Folding Cross Needlebook

Various Exchanges All done
Already committed to…
Adopt a stitcher – at least one stitched piece (my adoptee is Nicki)
Birthday Exchange – two more pieces to do Renee(not started) and Melissa (nearly done)
Garden Exchange – just needs to be posted
Valentine’s Exchange – design selected, to be stitched in January.

Would like to do
Christmas Ornament

Wishful thinking goals
If there is time…
Long Dog – All things Part one
HAED – Cat Knot – I’d like to aim to get the first 12 pages done
Japanese Octagon box (have joined)
Remaining parts of the Strawberry Shaker box project

Some extra Chatelaine wishes… (not joined)
Illuminated Medieval Sampler
Mystery IX
Japanese Garden
Medieval Town Mandala