This year I’m going to try to make it more realistic – My goals are more about how I approach my stitching rather than what I am going to actually achieve.

Non stitching

  1. Take my long service leave – 3 months off work!! Have requested March through to May this year – waiting for news from my boss.


  1. Become a WIP killer and finish off at least one of my current long term Works in Progress (the list is to the right).
  2. Resist any new Chatelaine designs (one exception – any “Designing Ladies” release).
  3. Continue to participate in Exchanges at the SBEBB and Robin’s Nest.
  4. Participate in the Ornament stitchalong blog at least 6 months out of 12 this year.

Not a long list but I think possibly more achievable then last years!
Joel and I went out to his sister’s place last night for New Years Eve. We took two bottles of Champagne and we managed to polish off 3 bottles together, playing cards (Five-Hundred), singing along to Crowded House CDs and talking (and talking and talking). I had a wonderful time – they are lovely company. We stayed the night and had breakfast at their new local McDonalds this morning. Needless to say we all felt a bit rough this morning, of course the kids were full of beans!
When we got home, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Martina had uploaded the files and released the passwords for my current online projects (Illuminated Medieval Sampler, Persian Iris Garden and Japanese Octagon Box). The Japanese Octagon Box part is the box lid and I love it!! I made a little start on it this afternoon. In the center of the lid there are 4 little over-one goldfish. I don’t know how long it will take me to stitch it up but I’ll keep you informed.
I return to work tomorrow, I don’t feel ready yet!

*The picture of Felix playing in my wardrobe is from the week before Christmas, honestly, he is the cutest cat sometimes.*