First up, here is a scan of Persian Iris Garden – part 1 (where I left it last time) – I have stolen the PC from Joel and had a nice little scanner fest (usually I blog from my little iBook). I think this is a nicer representation of where I am at on this piece. Certainly a Work is SLOW progress!! I will get back to the beading some day (when hell freezes over she mutters into her chest).

It’s not been an easy week for me, returning to work has knocked me for six and so not too much stitching has been done. I have started stitching on Japanese Octagon Box part 11, here is the centre showing the little over one fishies – aren’t they cute? There is beading amongst the all this and some partial jessicas and rhodes stitches going in between the pretty overdyed thread in the middle. There is also some backstitched weeds between each little fish and the next. I’m not sure how long this part is going to take, there is quite alot of beading and stitching to do.

While I am sitting at the big ‘puter I also thought I’d take a scan of Winter ACEO. It’s funny, Fudgey, I have been thinking of getting back to her. She has been out of my life for too long. You are right, I could probably finish her this year, if I put my mind to it. When the girls on the HAED board were getting ready for QS Wednesday this week, I really wanted to join them but instead I slept all afternoon. I hope I get back my rhythm soon!

In naughty stash news (see how I left it till last!), I applied to join the Leporello group this morning and ordered the kit from European Cross Stitch – this is a designing ladies piece, so technically I’ve not failed in my goals yet!!