Here is last night’s progress on L is for Librarian. I did the loop stitch flowers which have leviathan stitches for their centres and backstitched stems with cross stitch leaves.
I’m not entirely happy with how the flowers look I wanted them all to look like the left hand flower but they got progressively bigger! I may have to pull out them out and try again but before I do that, I am going to continue working the sampler and make sure the ribbon doesn’t make a reappearance (it doesn’t according to my scan of the instructions last night, better safe than sorry though).
I sought the advice of the VS alphabets Yahoo group and they all said lovely things about the flowers as they are now. They are a very supportive group, if you are working one of the alphabet samplers by Victoria Sampler, I would encourage you to join in. There are plenty of WIPs in the group photos which is just lovely to see. Several members are attempting the big banner with all 24 of charts together, what a huge project!!
I am contemplating a few more of these pieces (from my initial reluctance to full convert in what is it, less than a month?) I like M is for Mother, G is for Grandma, D is for Dancer, K is for knitter and J is for Juggler and of course C is for Colonist, these would become: K is for Kelso (my married surname), J is for Joel and C is for Cathy. I’d like to stitch G is for Grandma for my mother in law (even though we are not going to be granting her dearest wish for us at least for the time being, who knows what the future holds – she does have my niece and nephew to grand-parent, at least). D is for Dancer for my niece, Catriona though F is for Fairy would be a great choice too. I’d like to do M is for Mother as another remembrance for my own late mother, she’s been on my mind a lot lately (’nuff said). I could go on but it is time I picked up my needle again.