This weekend was the “Stitch Along Challenge Weekend” on the Heaven and Earth Designs EZBoard. So mostly I have been concentrating on Winter ACEO this weekend. The SAL finishes today (Monday) so I will try and get a few more stitches in before I post my progress picture – I think there is visible progress!!) When I wasn’t working hard on Winter ACEO I pulled out L is for Librarian. I think I am 2/3rds done on this piece. Here is a close in scan of what I did this weekend. And a scan of the whole thing.

Erk, I can see one of my french knots in the lilac has worked loose, something to fix before I finish this one up. I just love the little lamb!
I think this little section would work up into a nice pincushion or ornament. Might be a nice gift for my sister, Lucy.
This is working up nice and quickly. I’ll be sorry when it is all done.