Here she is in all her glory. We can see her neck and shoulder now and we can see more of her cloak starting to appear. I have really enjoyed focusing on her. I’ve no idea how many stitches went into her over the weekend – if I had been smart I guess I could have used a different highlighter. Time-wise I’d say I spent around 4-5 hours a day on her this weekend (including Monday which I had as an RDO this week). My stitching plan for the rest of the week: work on Japanese Octagon box – that lid won’t stitch itself, unfortunately.

Yesterday Joel and I went into the city to have a wander around – we had two specific purposes in mind: get cake at David Jones’ Food Hall and buy Eldest (sequel to Eragon for anyone who hasn’t heard). While we were at the book shop I picked up two stitchy books that may be of interest to readers of this blog – the first: Sublime stitching is a primer for anyone who wants to attempt surface embroidery – comes with pages and pages of transfer patterns and is written in a light breezy style. I love it!
The second book is a bit more prosaic, Making hand-sewn boxes by Jackie Woolsey. On my brief look so far there is a lot of value in this book – there are some beautifully illustrated instructions within and 15 different box projects to try! You will not believe some of them – just amazing.

And the cake? we bought ourselves some brownies and caramel slice – yum! The brownies are already gone.

Oh, and Nicki – the fabric for L is for Librarian is 28ct platinum linen (zweigart). It’s just the stuff they recommend for the piece.