Winter Quaker Exchange Received.
Originally uploaded by Cathymk.

Firstly, sorry about the lousy photo, I appear to have lost any skill I had in the photography arena. I received a wonderful surprise yesterday – I received my Winter Quaker package from Su. I just love it. Su also sent along some lovely goodies including the very thoughtful inclusion of some of the DMC from my wishlist – very much appreciated Su!! Thank you so much.

This is the first chance I’ve had to get my photo uploaded – our internet connection is acting very strangely – it has gone very s l o w. So instead of hanging around on the net, reading blogs and posting on the BB’s, I have been playing with my nephew and looking at my stash and dreaming big dreams you know the ones I mean, “when I finish this, I’ll finally start that” type of thing. It’s nice to dream.