Well we had a quiet weekend at home this weekend so I have a little finish to share with you – Quaker Reindeer by The Workbasket. I’m pretty pleased with how he turned out – I copied the idea of colourising the Quaker medallion from a someone on the Legacy Embroiderer’s Guild Bulletin Board. I used Gentle Arts Cranberry and Blue Spruce for the medallion and he is on 36ct Light Cappuccino R&R linen. He was a fun stitch!

I have be diligently working on Japanese Octagon box this afternoon and here is my progress on that piece. I’ve got to finish the backstitching on the lamps, backstitch the pond weed, do the specialty stitches, backstitch around them and then do the beading and then I’ll be all done. Yep, still a bit of work to do.