Form a circle.
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Today was a good day. It was my RDO (rostered day off)! So I picked up Winter ACEO in the morning and stitched a little on her (not a whole lot of progress – I may get an hour in after I log off).
Then I went over to my sister Lucy’s place and played with Niall for an hour or so (best Aunty Cathy trick – dancing around the lounge with her library bag on her head), before his Nana turned up and took off with him for her afternoon playtime. Then Lu cleaned house and baked mini quiches while I wound my recent purchase of 20 or so DMC skeins onto bobbins and then stitched on a Shepherds bush piece (RIP bag). It was so nice being with Lu – we are very close sisters.
Then when I got home there was my monthy envelope from Vikki Clayton! I was a bit bored with my usual pic of them all in a row so here they are in a circle. The title of this post is a homage to the Hoodoo guru’s one of my favourite aussie bands (it’s the title of one of their songs).