What is it about a paper bag that charms me so? I just love them. This one arrived late last night, when Joel got home from playing poker with his brother in law, Todd. Inside the bag was gifts from my in-laws for Christmas! Joel’s parents had bought 3 DVDs of Herge’s Adventures of Tintin for Joel and this cute jewellery holder for me. Here it is all festooned with my “precious” gems. Many thanks to Miriam and Don for the gifts, I love my pressie and I know we will both enjoy watching the Tintin DVDs.

In stitching news, I completed the RIP treat bag by Shepherds Bush last night. Seasonal stitching be damned! It’s just what I felt like doing.
It’s pretty cute, I just wish that the flower stems showed up better.

Just pondering the paper bag thing a bit more, I think it has to do with raw materials – this particular bag is unprocessed (not bleached white). I also love “raw” or natural linen to stitch on and love monochromatic designs on raw linen. Hmmm.