Felix helping me with my Crazy Cat Lady Finishing (last year)

I’ve not got any stitching to share at the moment.  I made a start on my biscornu exchange piece.  I’m not really enjoying working on it – I’m using DMC stranded cotton and I have to admit I’m stuggling – it keeps knotting and tangling and I’m having a devil of a time getting to lay nicely.  There, I’ve let out my negative feelings, ahhh!  Turns out I’m a silk snob big time!!

Becky has re-opened friends gather (big round of applause!!) There’s going to be an And they Sinned SAL group which I will be joining.  Oh, and in related news if you are wanting to join in Stitching Bloggers Exchanges there were 10 open places when I visited last night so click here and follow her instructions to join in the exchange fun.  Note – you do need to have a blog.

Do you like my pic of Felix in the header – he looks a little threatening to me.  Here’s one of him “assisting” me last year with the finishing on my Crazy Cat Lady Exchange (Robins Nest Board).