Felix on my iBook.I am supposed to be working hard on two job applications due Monday but I’m not. I’m actively avoiding the work by working on a LHN thread pack instead (Tree of life). Felix has been assisting with my procrastination efforts (this is a photo from last year but the same tactics have been employed today!)

Next Saturday will be the first day of my 12 weeks of Long Service Leave. During this time I have a few assignments:

  • Visit Sydney for a get together with some friendly Aussie Stitchers (and visit Taronga Zoo).
  • Arrange Air conditioning for our home.
  • Organise a new kitchen – we’ve had the money saved for a year now.
  • Finish the Japanese Octagon Box on the finishing weekend.
  • Clean and tidy our home (currently looks like a fur bomb went off ).
  • See Lucy and play with Niall.
  • Get away with Joel for a weekend or two.
  • Two exchanges – Spring Quaker and Our love of needlework.
  • Stitch like a woman possessed on some of my WIPs.

Looking at this list, I won’t have too many idle moments! I’m really looking forward to the time off.