My first biscornu (made sometime last year, I think)I had my last day at Mount Claremont Library today (for twelve weeks) and tomorrow is my last day at Nedlands Library. La la la la! And further cause for celebration – it’s casual day!!

I posted off two little parcels today. My biscornu exchange piece and a little gift for a dear friend that I haven’t heard from in an age.

Yesterday (my day off) I worked a bit on Winter ACEO but really I didn’t settle down all day and there wasn’t much progress to speak of. I visited my sister and we had a good old gossip and giggle (what are sisters for?) Lu told me she is giving up fashion for Lent. No more Vogue, Instyle, Cleo etc for her and no clothes shopping till after Easter. This is a huge commitment for her. I think I will be giving up Clinkers. I had been having difficulty choosing what action I would take to mark Lent with this year, but then I remembered my near addiction to these bullet shaped chocolate covered thingies. It will be a good thing for me to stop eating them for a bit. Don’t laugh.

Last year’s stash explosion after Lent will not be repeated (last year, I gave up stash expansion for lent)- I don’t think I’ve stitched anything from that party yet.