Here is a photo of where I got up to on my ornament for the Ornament Stitch-along blog. It’s been very hot and humid here this weekend so I haven’t stitched obsessively this weekend – I mainly lay around in front of a fan with a squirty bottle of cold water. I was nervous of mucking up the card with my sweaty grip so it has been a morning only pursuit. Hopefully it will actually be finished before the end of March.

I picked up the stitching card from Stitching Bits and Bobs (oh no, I see they have a sale on!!). You can find the chart here, I made a number of changes to the colours – using some overdyes in place of the plain old DMC.

Just a quick note of explanation – the biscornu featured in my last post was an old one I made as a trial sometime in 2005. The one I sent is actually quite different. I’ll post a picture when I hear from it’s recipient.

I made me and Joel a bread pudding today. While I have the book that this recipe came from, I used Delia’s recipe from the classic Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course. A few moments ago I opened mine just to get a look at which edition I had (second rev. ed. as it turns out), I saw the inscription within and had a quiet moment of bittersweet nostalgia. My Mum gave it to me in 1997, for my birthday I when I turned 23. My Mum died 3 years later. You know, just after she died, I really wanted to make bread pudding the same way she did and spent long hours looking for a recipe. It was such a surprise to find it in my Complete Cookery Course book. I don’t know why really, Mum always was a big Delia fan. I think she would have enjoyed Nigella Lawson too.