I’m in a lovely hotel called The Menzies. It is just over the road from the Wynyard Train station in Sydney’s CBD.What I have been up to so far:

  • arrived Sydney airport 7.00pm, took taxi to hotel, checked in.
  • Ordered room service (potato wedges)
  • stitched a bit on Sampler mystery II and then went to bed.
  • Got up at 3am and read my Sydney Guide for a bit
  • Woke up again at 8.30am and had a wash and went out for a walk (fully intending to find a place to have breakfast) but it was raining and I got soaked so I went back to my hotel room, got changed and had breakfast in their restaurant. First of all I had to get them to make a new pass key for my room as I had locked it in the room with all my gear (I’m a genius after an interrupted nights sleep!)
  • After breaky I decided to have a look around the city. I had planned to go to Taronga Zoo today but the rain completely demoralised me (and I think the animals would have been miserable too) so I went shopping instead.
  • I visited The Queen Victoria Building, The Strand Arcade and several other “shopping sights”. I ended up buying books at Kinokuniya (apparently Sydney’s biggest bookshop) and Borders (natch), a couple of charts I thought were out of print at Tapestry Craft and a nice jacket from Maggie T – it has a leopard print (scary, I know – don’t worry I’m not going all Eartha Kitt, it is just on the inside of the cuffs and lining).
  • I needed a nap this afternoon to get over all that shopping! I also had to make a pit stop at Coles (supermarket) for some Band-aids for my poor feet which havn’t had such a work out in ages.
  • After my nap I went and checked out Circular Quay and saw the Opera House and the Bridge. Lot’s to see and do around there. Felt a bit seasick even though I didn’t go out on a ferry!
  • I spoke to my friend Janine, and we will be meeting up tomorrow in the foyer of my hotel and then taking our luggage over to The York Apartments – where our get-together will be taking place – oooh I’m so excited!
  • I went out to dinner at the Restaurant in the hotel. I had a wonderful meal.
  • Now I am in my PJs with the last glass of Chardonnay from my meal at the restaurant, contemplating a wonderful day. Ahhh.

The pic is of my lovely little room. I would definitely come here again, the service has been amazing.

A bientot and goodnight!