It’s been a busy couple of days! Yesterday we jumped in the bus and visited two shops, Sew and Tell in Berry and Victoria House Needlework in Mittagong. We had a lot of fun and there was a lot of stash purchased amongst the group, funnily enough, not a whole lot by me (wow, self control at last.) I’ll compile a list in a later post.

Here is the first shop, Sew and Tell, inside there were a lot of lovely stitched models and a fantastic range of beautiful charts and materials. I even saw some of the new Nashville releases (pretty impressive). The store was neatly set up and all the stock was attractive.

The second store was not as impressive, whilst twice the size, everything was shop-soiled and badly organised. Again lots of stitched models and lovely staff to help us find things to spend our cash on. I think I bought Checkered Sheep by Shepherds Bush there (I had to get something!!)

Today we went out to Killara and visited the Crewel Gobelin (Sorry no pic) – what a beautiful shop – I bought a french alphabet book (a steal at A$69!) and some other bits and bobs.

I have been having fun, but am starting to get a little tired and I am ready to see my Joel and Felix and Max again. Well, best go and have a little nap. Till next Tues!