My dad forgot my birthday again! It was funny in some ways – trying to decide whether to email him a reminder or just let it pass by. Well, I emailed him and within half an hour of sending it at 9.30pm last night I got the very apologetic phonecall. Poor Dad, it is very easy to wind him up. What makes me laugh is that I have always been concerned I would get Alzheimers! Well anyway we had a lovely chat once the poor olde chap (he’s only 57) got over being embarressed about it.

I went down to my much maligned LNS to pick up some beads to complete one of my exchange pieces yesterday morning and they had Lady Scarlet’s secret garden in stock, so I am afraid I spent a lot more than I expected (ooh she’s gorgeous!!). When I told Joel he was actually very nice about it: he took the “it’s your birthday” approach, which was of course, very well received at this end of the couch. He also surprised me with Bill Bryson’s Short History of Nearly Everything (the illustrated edition) yesterday – I had hinted I’d like it but wasn’t expecting anything after the huge donation of funds for the Sydney Stash-athon. We read the first two chapters last night.

To all the ladies who sent e-cards – thank you and big hugs!! They really made my day! Jenna sent me a ladybird card that, given what I bought today was just perfect!!

I’ve got that stashed up glow!