Winter ACEO as at 28 March 2007It’s been a quiet week here at Villa Maylandia. I have been on a cleaning kick. The bathroom, laundry and kitchen have fallen victim to a cleaning whirlwind. Then, on Tuesday, my little car had it’s service. We had taken to calling it the “maybe mobile” as it had become a little tricky to start (just needed a new battery but wouldn’t you know it – it has a more expensive kind of battery than what I am used). I also asked the mechanic to check out the cooling system as we knew it had a leak in it somewhere. The mechanic decided it was something to do with the thermostat, sadly it had to be a Holden Genuine part so it ended up being an expensive service.

Yesterday, I had a nice little stash parcel! Rebecca Jeffcoat’s Ackworth Sampler arrived safely from Dragonfly dreams. I love it! Apart from the chart of the sampler, it also features bookmarks stitched on perforated paper, decorated with ribbon. And it also has some information about Rebecca Jeffcoat the stitcher of the sampler.

What have I been stitching? Well, I have made a start on The Welcome Spot Sampler by The Drawn Thread. I started with the border and had a devil of a time with it. I stitched the full thing and frogged it at least twice before I actually got it right. I’ve put that down for the moment now… I’ve also spent a little more time with Home of a Needleworker by Little House Needleworks – no photo yet.

Yesterday was the HAED BB Quick stitch Wednesday, so I pulled out Winter ACEO (picture above) and managed to make a little further progress on her. I managed to put in over 400 stitches which in between cleaning attacks and doing our grocery shopping, felt pretty impressive.