My Japanese Box

Originally uploaded by Cathymk.

I had a bit of a finishing block with this piece. I started the finishing 2 weeks ago (and created the Japanese Octagonal Tube) and finally today I did the rest of the finishing, adding the box bottom and lid.
I’m pretty happy with my work – the only thing I am uncertain about is the join where the lining meets at the top of the box (it looks a bit messy) – but I’m thinking of stitching a ribbon around the inside edge to hide that join. So. here it is nearly finished. What’s missing I hear you ask? – some cording around the lid to hide the join between the puffy green bit and the black silk lid. I also have to finish the scissor sheath and the scissor fob (I haven’t even stitched the fob yet so that will be some time coming!!). There are a couple of other photos in my flickr photo stream here.