Daffodil run – complete

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… basically because we bought a Nintendo Wii and I have been playing with it more than I have been stitching (shock, horror!). I do have a finish to share though, here is Just Nan’s Daffodil Run which I had planned to finish as a biscornu. I’m not sure that I will now – I’m going to put it aside for a bit. It went awol last week until I found it Sunday night on our scanner and finished the third bunny and then did the last bunny and ring of posies in the centre whilst I was visiting with my stitching friends on Monday.
Monday was a busy day for me, breakfast with my sister, followed by a waxing appointment at the beauticians and then stitching with Janine and the girls. When I got home at 4pm I was glad Joel had planned salad for tea and I didn’t have to cook.

Here is my new WIP – I made a small start on Just Nan’s Peacock Cypher last night. I’m stitching it on Moonbeam Jobelan 28ct by Stitches and Spice with the recommended silks (AVAS). I’m going through a bit of a Just Nan phase at the moment – suddenly the whimzi frames are must haves, along with Queen of the Needle (hated the pink fabric but have seen a WIP on White and now I want it bad!!) and just about all of her back catalogue. I am coming to the conclusion that I am very easily enabled!!