Winter ACEO progress pic.I spent my stitching time yesterday working on QS Winter ACEO (art by Sara Butcher) designed by Heaven and Earth Designs. I must have had more time than I thought – when I finished I had completed 601 stitches (I had been aiming for 400). I am working on the blocks of sparkly braid at the top corner. Occasionally I get to pull out some floss and add a couple of stitches in another colour – so far baby pink and blue have made short appearances. I have I think only another 8 or so completely braid filled blocks and then I can resume the fun stitching again. If I had my life to live over I would have done the sparkly blocks in a white silk or used a doubled up length of blending filament. Now I know for next time (no, I am not proposing to stitch this one again!!).

Peacock cypher WIP
On Tuesday I worked a bit more on Peacock Cypher – I’m really enjoying working on this. I love the changes in texture between the two kinds of silk perle and the stranded silk. There are beads in the peacock’s feather tails which will look glorious! I’m quite tempted to bead as I go along.

I never realised that AVAS produced a 7 stranded silk. I was quite confused when I found I was left with an extra strand with no partner. Finally I found a description on-line at Criss Cross Row that explained all and I could stop examining my stitches for the mistake.