Felix - wrapped in a blanketConfession: The last time I picked up my needle and stitched in a serious way was Tuesday. It’s been a bit of an unsettled time for me. I just can’t seem to sit still. Every time I try to settle down to stitch I want to leap up and vacuum (I know, I know) or clean the fridge or do some other boring household task.

New stash is not helping (and I know the restorative powers of new stash!). Instead I’m kind of overwhelmed by all I have. And funnily enough, I still want more.

This has been the last week of my Long Service Leave – I have had three glorious months off work. I think that the thought of returning to work has put me into this little funk. Actually, I think I have become bored – I need to work – I need to have the challenge of work and the reward of knowing my work is done well.

Right, it’s time to stop moping and pick up a quick little stitch, I’m going to pick up an ornament kit and start stitching again. Maybe I’ll have a finish to share with you all soon.