spring-spell.jpg Here is Spring Spell, the latest Just Nan limited edition Wimzi which I stitched on Monday in my valiant attempts to break the stitching drought. I’ve not yet mounted it in it’s cute wimzi frame because I can’t find my interfacing (the stitching room is in a state yet again)! Now that I look at it again I can see I’ve left off two stitches (duckie’s eye and the “trumpet” of the daffodil) so really it is a good thing I couldn’t find it on Monday evening. Stitched on a scrap of hand-dyed blue fabric from Stitches and Spice.

And what did I stitch on the weekend? I pulled out another Tiny Treasured Diamond Kit by Mill Hill (these kits can stitch up really quick and are beautiful when completed – a great slump fix). This one is Blue Velvet Diamond. It’s a horrid photo, I’m afraid you will just have to take my word on it’s splendor.

I went back to work yesterday and it wasn’t as bad as I had been building it up to be (I’m a great dramatist). As I said to Joel – I even caught myself enjoying it a couple of times. Two more work days and then I am done with one employer and then start full time with another. My new job with the State library is very different from what I have done in my previous work life but I am looking forward to it very much.

Cathy and Joel on their Wedding Day 3 years ago!And in personal milestone news, Joel and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary yesterday. Since some of my other May bride blog friends have shown their pictures I thought I’d give you a peek at our big day. As you can see it was a bit overcast and windy (but we didn’t care). It’s autumn now here in Western Australia. My favourite season. My dress had a black underskirt with a delicate white flower “lace” layered over it, which was also mirrored in the bodice. I remember when we saw it in the shop, I laughed that anyone would buy a black wedding dress, but when I had it on, the decision was made! It is sleeveless but I have a wrap on because it was very chilly by the time this photo was taken. We were married at the Sunken Garden at UWA and this picture is from down the road, just over the road from the Old Swan Brewery for those of you who live in Perth or know it. We had an old London cab as our wedding car for the big day. Ah, memories.

To celebrate, Joel and I went out for tea (just Nandos, we are going to the Duckstein Brewery to do it properly on the weekend) and the walked down the street to Planet Books which is a late night bookshop and bought ourselves a couple of books. It was for me, a perfect way to celebrate our happiest day.