… because here is another post within a week! This weekend is the Heaven and Earth Designs Stitch – along weekend and so when I have some free stitching time I’ll pick up Winter ACEO. Here’s a pic of where we last left her.

Getting the free stitching time will be the challenge however! It’s Lucy’s 30th birthday party this weekend (her actual birthday was in May), Joel’s Dad is in hospital and needs a visit, the shopping needs doing, the wash-basket is full and I am catching up with the stitchy girlfriends on Sunday. I predict I will make approximately 200 stitches. I’m sure it will be a fun weekend all the same.

I thought I’d share this picture of a Numbat I took myself at my second ever numbat sighting – both times at Perth Zoo. They are very private creatures and they are not always visible in their enclosure. I think you’ll agree they are very cute indeed.
Numbat from Perth Zoo. (link)

Oh and I forgot to say – have you seen Just Nan’s Summer Spell? I like it even better than Spring Spell!