“Where does all the time go?” I wonder to myself as I get ready to post a rather picture laden catch up, after another week of blog silence.

I can’t really answer that one definitively, other than to say my new job is doing a great job of keeping me occupied, as is our Nintendo Wii (a thousand curses on that thing).

And so, to stitching updates. First up here is a picture of Winter ACEO after another thrilling Stitch a long weekend on the HAED board, this time to honor fairy day. You must be getting tired of seeing her pop up here but she has been getting all the stitchy attention of late.

Winter ACEO Fairy Day 2007 SAL

I’ve also been stitching a little on my Quaker SAL by Martina Dey.

SDVW Quaker SAL piece

I’ve also managed to find the time to work a bit on some Just Nan’s. First of all I’d like to share my progress on Flower Girls (one of those limited edition Whimzi thingys)

Flower girls

And here is a little more progress on Peacock Cypher. This one is just gorgeous in real life.

Peacock cypher June 2007

So, as you can see I’m still stitching, just very slowly. I’m still enjoying all my projects and to me, that is the main thing.

Dad arrived safely on Saturday night and we have been having a lovely time hosting him here. He is a great guest, doing the washing up every night – got to love that!

We had a little drama here tonight, I have been lending Dad my car, as Joel and I don’t use our cars to go to work anymore. It hasn’t been a problem except for tonight, when I received a call from Joel asking me to pick him up from the train station (it’s about a 7 minute drive away from our house) as he hadn’t caught the bus home. I rushed out to Joel’s car as Dad had mine and tried to start it, only to find his battery was dead and I wasn’t going anywhere. Joel doesn’t have a mobile phone and there was no way to contact him at the station. Thinking quickly, I rang my sister who lives over the road from the train station and she went and picked Joel up and brought him home – Thanks Lucy!! I don’t know what I would have done if she wasn’t at home and able to pick him up.