Enchanted Mermaid by Mirabilia One of the big advantages of not having access to your stash for a little while is that when you do get access again you re-discover all your old WIPs! So, for the first time in more than a year I have been working on Enchanted Mermaid by Mirabilia Designs. I’ve been filling in some of her beautiful hair. I put this piece down when I thought I had made a mistake in her shoulder (I tend to sulk when I have to frog!!). Now that I am stitching on her again, I cannot find the “mistake”- more cause for celebration, I guess.

Unfortunately it is not all jolliness and high times here at the Villa Maylandia – my dog, Max is really very unwell. Last night he refused his dinner (practically unheard of) so we took him off to the vet. The vet gave him a couple of jabs and said if he is not eating in the morning bring him in again. Well, he was definitely miserable this morning and yes, didn’t want to partake of a small breakfast. So, I took him in to the vet again this morning. The vet says Max is suffering from vestibulitis a sort of old age vertigo (which is why has been sick all over the house) – no wonder he was so unsteady on his feet this morning – the whole world was moving under his paws.  To confirm his diagnosis the Doc took some blood and did an X-ray.  Later in the day he rang and said there is a growth on his liver and we need to do an ultrasound and then  later still, he wants a specialist to do the ultrasound as their technician couldn’t distinguish what the growth is.  I am ready to accept it is probably a cancer.  I am pretty sad, Max has been part of my life for 14 years and he is a living link to my mother who died 7 years ago (he was actually her pet).  Please keep him in your thoughts his next ultrasound will be on Thursday and he is boarding at the vet tonight so that they can keep an eye on his symptoms.