Max fondles my stash, originally uploaded by Cathymk.

Max is home this weekend. Things got very dark for us this week. On Thursday the ultrasound didn’t show what the vets were expecting (a cancer on the liver) but instead showed a new bunch of mysteriously swelled organs (his pancreas and gall bladder as well as the liver). The vet we consulted on Thursday said that it was probably cancer in the pancreas and she would do another x-ray on his chest to look for secondaries. The results came back unclear – they couldn’t see any cancer but Max moved around so much they couldn’t really see anything at all. So, the vet sent him home, with more drugs and the instruction to bring him back if he was off his food this weekend.
Things looked bad Thursday night when he wouldn’t eat the prescribed bland tin food from the vet and I was very worried for him. On Friday I had a day off (personal leave) and went and got some alternative food (chicken breast, which I boiled in water and with a little stock (also recommended by the vet)) which he yummed down and he hasn’t looked back since. He is sleeping a lot of the time, but will get up and greet visitors and follows me every-time I visit the kitchen, which is more than I should because I am stress eating). So things are sort of looking up. The pancreas is of concern to the vet and she would like to operate but we don’t think we can allow that (the vet’s presentation on the operation was pretty much he’ll die if we operate, he’ll die if we don’t) so Joel and I would prefer he doesn’t get cut up right now. We will take him back to discuss his future in a week or so once his drugs have run out. I have cried such a lot this week, we’ve been on tenterhooks all week and it seems we will be on this rollercoaster for a bit longer. I’d just like to say thank you to all of you who left a comment of support – it’s been so wonderful to know that you have been thinking of him and us.
Here’s a pic of him having a rest on my stash that had overflowed from my stash cabinet. I didn’t shoo him away as it was all wrapped up tight!