I went to another class on Elizabethan Embroidery with Maree Talbot yesterday! When the full day class concluded I had two petals and the green sepal completed. When I came home last night, the faithful Joel had been out and purchased our copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (and amazingly he had not started without me, this is how I know he is “a keeper“). So once he had oohed over my class work and we were settled comfortably on the couch under a duvet to keep warm he began to read the story to me as I continued to work on my class piece. Here is my progress:

I’m really pleased with it … but I have a way to go before it is completed.

I also put in another 200 stitches into Winter ACEO as part of the QS Wednesday SAL. But really you cannot see much progress there so I will hold off taking another pic for a bit. I didn’t say which Ravenscroft’s I splurged on in the last post because I was a little ashamed!! I picked up, QS Red Witch, Dark Eyes, Oxygen, Ocean’s Bounty, Eye to Eye, Golden, Fairy Muse, Mask of Colours and Life force. I actually had a few in my stash already but really didn’t like the idea of these others getting away from me. If I could fit a new HAED start into my life right now, I think I’d start Oxygen, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for that one.

Max continues fine, he finished his drug prescriptions yesterday so we will observe him for a couple of days before taking him back to the vet for his checkup.

PS. you can see my first attempt at elizabethan embroidery techniques here.