Joel and I are a short way away from the end of Harry Potter, it’s such an exciting read! We are really enjoying the story.

I have been doing a little embroidery while I listen, here’s a little progress on my Elizabethan Embroidery, I’m only going slowly as I have also been working on an exchange project (I may have bitten off more than I can chew with the piece I chose, we’ll see).

And here is a wee bit more progress on Peacock Cypher, I was looking at it the other day and it is not that big a chart and I could knock it off quick if I’d just concentrate on it, sadly I’m a flighty thing!ย  Besides, if I decided to work on one project to the exclusion of all others, it ought to be Winter ACEO.

We took Max to the vet on Tuesday and he has been given a cautious thumbs up. She said, “be thankful for each day you have with him” but was pleased to hear that we had booked him in with them for boarding when we travel to Albany in October to catch up with Joel’s Parents (so she kind of expects him to at least make it till then). He seems to be fine now he is off all the drugs and he has been eating well.