I’d just like to say a huge thank you to all of you who posted condolence messages during the week. It has been very comforting. Max started to get ill again on Monday. It was a very severe attack. He was in such a lot of pain, we did what we thought was best. I do miss him. I miss that whenever I have a snack, there is no wet feeling around my knee where Max used to put his muzzle while begging. I miss him when I realise there is no reason to watch my footsteps (he was always underfoot). And I miss him when I am feeling low, he could aways tell and would try to cheer me up in his way. I’m glad I got to know him and care for him.
I have a couple of stitching updates today. First up, it is the SAL weekend on the Heaven and Earth Designs BB and this morning I finished the page I have been working on. One more page to go!!

Winter ACEO (Artwork by Sara Butcher) Heaven and Earth Designs.

And here is Their Song (Blackbird Designs) – I’m about halfway down the chart now.

I’m going out today to visit with my local stitching friends. It will be good fun catching up with them.