Summer Exchange for Goldie
Well, I have received the welcome news that Goldie has received her Summer Exchange package. This is the exchange I really had trouble settling on a design for. In the end I stitched part of Watermelon by LHN and finished it as a patch and attached it to a notebook and also the latest Cats Whiskers/Dinky Dyes Collaboration tuffet, Summer Breeze. I also started and gave up on Moss Creek’s Summer Garden Gate Sampler – I didn’t like the fabric I had started it on and time was getting short. I’d still like to stitch it one day, there are some interesting specialty stitches in it and I now have the anchor threads it calls for. Why did I have such trouble settling on a design? Well, Goldie might as well be my stash twin – we both like Chatelaine, Just Nan and TW to start with plus I know she likes a bit of LHN from when we were both members of Friends Gather. So unfortunately I was constantly second guessing my choices…till finally time was running out and I had to just get over my self doubts and get on with it. I was pretty pleased with both pieces when they were completed. The biscornu didn’t look like anything special till it was made up and then I loved it (hmm, I still have left over fibre from the kit…). Goldie took much better pix of the pieces – we are in the middle of winter here and all my photo’s are washed out (using the flash) or really dark.

And in other stitching news I went to my first Hardanger lesson on Saturday. I scanned my progress and it looked terrible so no pic for you today (it was white on white and you can’t really see anything). It was a fun class! I’ve already completed 50% of my homework (extra kloster blacks) we actually won’t be doing the cutting or needleweaving for another 5 weeks but I’ll keep you updated on my progress if I can get a good picture.

It was also Joel’s Birthday on Saturday. We went out for dinner Friday night in Mt Lawley and then browsed at Planet (book, DVD and CD shop – stays open late). Other than that, we have had a quiet weekend, coffee at Tranby House on Saturday afternoon, listening to Stephen Fry read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, doing the washing and just enjoying each others company.

Oh, I nearly forgot! I finished my Quaker Alphabet exchange today.  I’m really excited about how it looked when it was finished, so I can’t wait till I can share a picture with you all, I think it is some of my best work.

Golly I’ve blathered on a bit today.  Time to shut up and get on with some stitching!!