Friends, do you remember a while back I said I had finished an exchange and it was my best work ever? Don’t you think someone busting with that much stitch-y pride would have taken some pix of her greatest achievement to date? Want to see? Well you are going to have to visit Aniza’s Blog, Tangled Threads to view my first bourse. Yes, I posted it off to Malaysia with out taking one picture. Honestly, I’m such a boob sometimes. Here is a scan of the needlework within.

It’s September Quaker, from Quaker Odds by The Workbasket. It’s stitched with Thread Gatherer Autumn on the cape silk, which was lovely to work with.
I’d like to thank Isabelle for her wonderful bourse finishing instructions on the Focus on Finishing Blog. They were so simple to follow and the end result was very hard to post away. I’ve just had a lovely musical thank-you card from Aniza (thank-you Aniza, it was so charming!)

I also had a lovely surprise yesterday evening when I returned home from work, Andrea had sent me her chart of The Sanctuary by The Drawn Thread. Did you see her lovely finish of this chart? I’ve already said thank you to Andrea, it was such a wonderful surprise and such a kind thought. I’ve already opened the chart pack and daydreamed about stitching it. I love all the specialty stitches in this piece. It’s going to be such fun to work on some day soon.

Well, I hope you are all having a good week. Mine has been busy with work, which has been fun and interesting for me.  Tomorrow I am going up to New Norcia to the Benedictine Monastery for a library conference.  Should be challenging and interesting.