It was the Stitch-along Weekend at the HAED BB this last weekend. I’ve been laid low with a chesty cold but managed to stitch quite a bit so here is my progress (approx 2000 stitches). I have approximately 4500 stitches to go. Later this month there will be background SAL at the same BB and I am looking forward to working on the acres of sparkly stitches in the top right corner.

Now that I am so close to a finish, I am considering which HAED I want to do next, currently odds are on Myrea Rose by Myrea Pettit, but I wouldn’t discount Curiosity by Amy Brown or Mask of Wood Woman by Sara Pauline (would need to find a good hand-dyed evenweave fabric for this).

I’m signed up for 3 more exchanges before the year ends plus my Autumn Seasonal Exchange for Goldie. I received the names of those I am stitching for in the last two days and would you believe it, I have already stitched things for two out of the three people. Gosh, I hope they really did like what I stitched for them the first time around!!  So right now I am considering what to stitch for the Rabbits Big Day exchange; due November 30 , Specific Designer Exchange (Little House Needleworks); due November 17), the Christmas Ornament Exchange; due December 1 and the Autumn Seasonal Exchange for Goldie; due December 15.