Japanese Octagon Box, top and bottom.and that chesty cold I mentioned in my last post turns out to be bronchitis. Ah well, at least I now know that I really am sick and I haven’t been malingering! I’ve been at home these last three days trying to shake off this “cold” and when I rang my staff today to let them know that I would be off yet again, one of them finally convinced me it was time to see the doctor.

I’ve been going a bit stir crazy at home these last few days. To occupy myself, I’ve been sorting out my freebie files, tidying up my stash and have been working a little on Chatelaine’s Egyptian Garden. I’ve just about finished the centre with the over-one fish. I dithered a bit about filling in the pond over-one as well and finally made the decision that it would look good that way – it does, but it is taking a long time to fill it all in. The decision was made all the harder because I looked at my Japanese Octagon Box (also by Chatelaine) which also has a fish pond with over-one fish (on the lid) but in that case I left the pond water as over two, I think I was working to a deadline with that piece. It looks great worked that way too – I think you see my dilemma. It was great to make a decision at last and I’m pleased with how it is looking. I’ll show a pic when it’s done.