Tree of life - Little House NeedleworksI’ve left posting to my blog for more than a week again!! I wish I could say I’ve been busy stitching but no, I’ve just been flopping on the couch in the evening and blobbing out.

I’ve got some news I’ve been burning to share for a while now and finally have permission – My little sister is pregnant again!! YAY!!

There’s a partially funny story behind how I found out. It was the same week that Max, my dog died. I had taken two days off to recover from this little tragedy and had gone around to Lucy’s to try to find some photo’s of him from when he was a puppy because she has the photo albums that my mum kept (we had some adorable pix of him playing croquet with us when he was a puppy). She was helping Niall with his potty when the phone rang and I answered it to be helpful. It was her doctors surgery ringing with some names for an obstetrician for Lucy. I remember saying “oh really” in a knowing voice but really, if Lucy had told me she was just getting a check up, I would have believed her! What do I know about having babies – it’s a closed avenue for me. So I am going to be an aunt again!

I also found out this weekend that my best friend is preggers again which is fantastic news! This will be her fourth and a very looked forward addition to her brood. And in more baby news Dad’s partner’s daughter is also pregnant. Babies will be popping out all over come April time.

And hey, I lied a bit when I said I haven’t been stitching, I’ve been working on an exchange piece (for the specific designer exchange) and it’s looking pretty cute so far. We are all working Little House Needlework’s designs. Today’s pic is of Tree of Life, one of my first finished LHN pieces.