Blogging interuptus
Some days it is really hard to get around my cat and post to this blog! I have no pics of my stitching to share today but I have a little news – I’m on holidays! Huzzah, hooray and hallelujah!

Today I’m off to the little country town of Dowerin (actually I have no idea where it is or even if I spelt it right – thank goodness I’m getting a lift) to commune with some stitch-y girlfriends for the weekend. Should be a blast.

Then on Monday, Joel and I will pack up my little green car and drive down to Albany where we are meeting his Mum and Dad for a week long catchup. We’ll be taking the laptops so maybe I’ll be able to post an update whilst I’m there – Felix is staying at home whilst we are out adventuring.

As always the big question is, which projects to take along? So far (and yes, I leave in a three hours) I have selected my latest exciting mailbox treat – the kit for a class being run by Janie Hubble of The Cat’s Whiskers later on in November. I am also thinking of taking along BBD’s Their Song (soo close to a finish), Elegant Stitch’s This Too Shall Pass Scissor keep (started but bored with – working the border) and Just Nan’s Autumn and Summer Spells (have started Summer).

Anyway whatever I take along, this weekend is bound to be fun! I’ll be back soon!