I got new stash today! I don’t often share my new stashy acquisitions (mainly because they are so frequent you’d be a little shocked!! – I shock me all the time) but today was too good not to share.
I was very excited because Joel rang me at work and told me I had a package delivered from The Silver Needle and one from Down Sunshine Lane (Oooh! A Bumper Day!!) I was particularly looking forward to getting my Christmas Workshop Pyramid Etui by Just Nan, but no, that piece was not in this shipment (everything else in the box was from the same order though – sigh).

So in my new stash haul…

  • 4 pieces of WDW felt – Lancaster Red, Louisiana Hot Sauce, Juniper and Kudzu, all with the Herringbone print. Perfect colours for finishing Christmas ornies.
  • Two Indigo Rose Kits: Bee Charmer and Messages
  • Little House Needleworks / Crescent Colours – Summer Sampler (silk pack).

And from DSL:

  • Little House Needleworks / Crescent Colours – Frappuccino Silk Pack
  • Praiseworthy Stitches – Harvest birds
  • Midnight Stitching – Quaker Christmas
  • Bygone Stitches – A Quaker Christmas.

A good day for stash!
And now for some stitching, it’s not all stash here at the Villa Maylandia (regardless of what Joel says). I’ve been working on my class piece which needs to be ready for November 9 (not panicking yet!) I’ve done most of one half of my stitchers roll. There are some specialty stitches missing.

I’m pretty pleased with it so far. I think I’ll be ready when the class rolls around.