Well, it was the HAED SAL weekend on the HAED BB this weekend and lo, here is my progress.
Winter ACEO Nov SAL Stitching
Isn’t she looking splendid! I’m so proud of her.

Now, I know you are all dying to hear about my class on Friday, I had such a fabulous time! Janie is a fantastic teacher. I haven’t yet finished my stitcher’s roll (have been working on Winter and I have exchanges to work on till mid December) but I am confident that when I get to the finishing I shouldn’t have to many problems. We finished the strawberry on Friday – it’s soo cute (and my best strawberry so far!) I haven’t got a pic of it at the moment and as it has been 41 degrees Celsius today (ie hot!!) I’m sure you will forgive my lazy mood. I will share one soon. Janie has put some pictures of our day on her website here (you will need to scroll down – I’m the “lady” in black in the front and to the right in the first picture).